Design: Did I Choose the Wrong Profession?
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Design: Did I Choose the Wrong Profession?

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As we journey through our professional lives, it's normal to take a moment and question the choices we've made. Especially the older we get.

We all face hurdles that can knock the wind out of our sails and make us doubt our paths. If you're a designer who's ever felt this way (or is feeling it right now), just know that you're not alone.

Now, here's the thing: these feelings can be temporary or persistent. The key is to dig deep and figure out why you're feeling demotivated so that you can adjust your course accordingly.

In the design world, there are a few factors that might leave professionals feeling dissatisfied:

  • Not getting the recognition they deserve at work;
  • Dealing with low salaries that just don't cut it;
  • Feeling stuck with limited opportunities for growth;
  • Trying to navigate a job market that's challenging, to say the least.

To overcome these challenges and explore new possibilities in your career, it's crucial to stay informed about the latest market trends and be open to adaptation.

In this article, we'll explore an exciting opportunity for a career change within the design field: UX Design. Keep reading and discover how UX Design can breathe new life into your professional journey!

The current state of the design industry

Technological advancements, globalization, and digital transformations have forced changes in various fields and markets, and Graphic Design is no exception.

The rise of cheaper freelancer platforms and the proliferation of apps that facilitate art creation have contributed to the devaluation of the profession.

Nowadays, anyone can create artwork or a logo for their business with a few clicks and minimal investment. Although the results may not be the same quality as those produced by a professional, the low cost seems to "justify" it.

As a result, the Graphic Design market has become increasingly competitive and undervalued. Consequently, many designers feel demotivated and stagnant in their profession.

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Financial Outlook

According to the website Glassdoor, the average salary for a Graphic Designer in the US is U$46,625 a year.

Source: Glassdoor

Of course, there are always exceptions, but we can't ignore the data mentioned above.

It's natural that such financial perspectives raise questions among designers regarding the future of their profession.

So, given this scenario, what can be done? Where should one go from here?

User Experience: The New Horizons of Design

The digital market is thriving, and companies are increasingly seeking digital transformations for their products and services.

As a result, the fields of User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are on the rise, particularly in major hubs and other countries.

What is UX Design?

UX stands for User Experience, which focuses on developing products that meet the needs, goals, and expectations of users, thus enhancing their user experience.

One of the core concepts of UX Design is User-Centered Design, which places the user at the center of all decision-making processes regarding product development.

Therefore, the priority of UX Design is to ensure that the product incorporates the necessary features to ensure user satisfaction when using it. It's worth noting that although UX Design has become widespread in the digital market due to applications and websites, the concept also applies to physical products in the "real" world.

Why is UX Design on the rise?

It's not just technology and products that change and evolve over time. Users themselves undergo transformations. This new generation of users is more demanding in their search for personalized, useful, and practical products.

As a result, companies are increasingly recognizing the need to adapt to this new type of consumer and user. Thus, the demand for professionals such as UX Designers and Product Designers is on the rise, and this is just the beginning of this trend.

The Nielsen Norman Group, a renowned UX Design consultancy, conducted a study that indicates the growth of the UX Design market over 100 years.

The perspective is that by 2050, there will be around 100 million UX professionals worldwide! In other words, we are only witnessing the beginning of this growth!

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Why transition to UX Design?

Given the weakening scenario of Graphic Design and the rise of UX Design, transitioning to this field can be an excellent opportunity for graphic designers who feel dissatisfied with their current career path.

However, embracing UX Design is not limited to designers alone. On the contrary, it is a multidisciplinary area where individuals with diverse backgrounds can contribute valuable insights.

Therefore, embarking on a journey towards UX Design is a decision that welcomes anyone seeking a career change and a chance to embrace new horizons and exciting challenges.

By venturing into UX Design, you will open doors to:

  • Acquire new techniques and explore uncharted areas of expertise.
  • Engage with digital products and thrive in the dynamic digital market.
  • Cultivate an international career with global prospects.
  • Contribute to a field dedicated to problem-solving and user-centric solutions.

Transitioning to UX Design unlocks a world of possibilities, empowering you to embark on a fulfilling and dynamic career path. Embrace the opportunity to create meaningful experiences and shape the future through the realm of UX Design.

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The current UX Design market

Drawing a parallel with the financial outlook of Graphic Design mentioned earlier, we have better news for the UX Design market.

On the same website, Glassdoor, we find the following average salary for a UX Designer in the US:

In another survey conducted by the User Experience Professionals Association, 1,326 UX Designers from 52 different countries were evaluated, considering their various positions and years of experience in the market.

The result regarding the average salary was:

UXPA Survey, 2018.

Therefore, in financial terms, the UX Design market presents good opportunities at the moment.

This is primarily because the profession is still stabilizing, and there aren't many qualified professionals available.

However, considering the NN/g study we mentioned, as time goes on, more professionals will emerge, and the trend is for salaries to either decrease or stabilize.

Thus, now is a great time to make the transition to UX Design!

Level of Satisfaction

Financial factors are indeed important, but job satisfaction doesn't solely revolve around salaries. In this regard, according to the website, the average satisfaction score for UX Designers is 72%, with the highest score in a profession reaching 86% for comparison.

Average satisfaction per year with a 95% confidence interval.

Therefore, individuals who already work in UX Design have a high level of satisfaction with their profession.

Testimonials from professionals who transitioned to UX Design

In our Mastering Interface Design program, we have several students who made the transition to UX Design. Here are some of their testimonials:

Amanda Damasceno

Student Amanda Damasceno shared with us that feelings of stagnation and a lack of growth prospects in the field of Graphic Design motivated her to transition to UX/UI Design.

“A vida em agência, era a correria. Eu trabalhava com uma marca editorial, mas o que eu senti foi sempre isso: era muito mais mão na massa do que estratégico e eu estava me sentindo estagnada, como se a área estivesse parada. Foi o que me fez querer mudar para UX Design, na realidade.” — Amanda Damasceno

André Borges

André Borges shared that he no longer felt motivated to work every day, but that everything changed when he discovered the field of UX:

"Today, I can say that I've found myself. I'm doing what I love, and it has reignited that spark that motivates me to work every day. I believe that's the true purpose behind it all. It's a far cry from the reality of being dissatisfied with your work." – André Borges

Gabriel Bezerra

Gabriel Bezerra also began his career as a Graphic Designer but decided to completely change his life by transitioning to UX/UI Design:

"I was very bothered by not being fully focused on the area I wanted, UX/UI. I realized I was stagnant, not learning anything new. In this field, it's necessary to constantly seek new knowledge, or you become obsolete… I ended up getting an opportunity as a UX/UI Designer at Indra, a multinational company and leader in technology and solutions for the transportation and defense sectors." – Gabriel Bezerra

Jey Castro

Jey Castro shares his journey from Advertising to Graphic Design until he arrived at UX Design:

"I wanted to learn more about mobile because it's an area I'm very interested in. That's when I came across terms like usability and information architecture. When I researched more about the subject, I discovered the MID course, and it opened up many doors for me. Today, I am the lead User Interface Designer at Raízen. I work with a team of 17 people focused on thinking about new technologies and the future energy of the company as a whole. I am responsible for the interface until the project is delivered to the end consumer." – Jey Castro

How to Transition to UX Design?

Making a career change requires careful planning and a dedication to continuous learning. At our organization, we understand the importance of providing valuable knowledge and resources on UX Design and Digital Design methodologies.

Aela is committed to helping individuals gain a deeper understanding of UX Design and successfully transition into the thriving UX Design market. We are excited to extend our support to more individuals who are determined to achieve their dreams in this field.

If you are eager to learn more about UX Design, we encourage you to explore our website where we regularly share insightful articles and valuable content.

However, if you have already decided to embark on a career transition to UX, we invite you to apply to our MID program:

We look forward to accompanying you on this transformative journey toward a fulfilling career in UX Design.

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