From Marketing to UX/UI Design – Interview with André Borges
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From Marketing to UX/UI Design – Interview with André Borges

From Marketing to UX/UI Design - Interview with André Borges

Tell us about yourself, André. What were you doing before our MID Bootcamp and pivoting to UX/UI?

Before pivoting to UX Design, I was a Marketing analyst and did a little bit of everything. It didn't have much to do with UX/UI. But then I got to know MID Bootcamp through my brother, who is also a student at Aela.

At my previous job, I was in contact with several activities from different departments, from photography to analytical reports, Google, and even designing basic screens.

I also analyzed social networks and website results. I noticed this part crossed a lot with the UX field, which granted me another vision.

I already have a different mindset today, like, "will this button shape convert more?"

For you, what was the big difference between the two areas?

Today, I can say that I "found" myself. I am doing what I like, which has reignited that flame that motivates me to work every day. I believe that is the great purpose of it all. Quite different from when you are not satisfied with what you do. So, I am very grateful for my evolution as a professional and for getting into the UX area.

Tell us a bit about what you are currently doing.

At the moment, I'm hired by NiD Human, but I'm located at AG2 – an advertising agency. I am on a big project for Bradesco. Every day is a new challenge for me.

My position is as Senior UI Designer. When I have any questions, I ask my co-workers, which is good, because I felt welcomed and embraced by the whole team when I joined.

In the first days, I only kept up with projects with those with more experience. One of the challenges I had was to work with Sketch because I only worked with Adobe XD. So, I installed Sketch at home and had to learn it in two days, I had to run after it. I guess that's the secret: you have to go after what you want and look for opportunities.

Also, when I finish a project and am waiting for another one, they always put me on other projects I can help with. These are quick situations, like tasks that must be completed in less than a day.

Sketches for a case study by student André Borges

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And what is your routine like as a Designer?

The current project we are doing with UX is separated into stages. Now we are already thinking about the changes to the website. While we wait for the client's briefing, they tell us to advance on other details, such as slides, font review, etc.

The good thing is that I have a good feel for UX, which was provided by Aela's MID Bootcamp and other studies.

So, when we discuss the work, the team tries to integrate and stay in tune with all the areas—not isolated from each other, each in their own world. This is exactly the kind of experience I wanted to be in.

I believe that both sides can learn from each other. And whenever possible, I talk to the UX designers to learn and absorb as much information as possible. And also, here, we work as a duo, me and a UX designer, which provides an amazing exchange of experience.

How was the beginning of the MID Bootcamp for you?

I started studying in January 2018 and soon established clear rules for myself. One of them was to focus 100% on the studies, and I set a goal that in 8 months, I would be at level 3 and improving the portfolio. I studied an average of 7 hours a day and took the weekends off to rest.

I ended up applying for three job openings with little expectations since I was at a very early level in the course. Two didn't work out, and the other took a while to respond. So I decided to stop applying, as my resume was poorly structured.

When I reached level 4, I redesigned my portfolio and resume to match my evolution. Then I started to apply again, and an opportunity came up.

High Fidelity Wireframe, Responsive Design – MID Level 3 Bootcamp Project

How was the job offer from AG2? And the challenges?

It was a referral from one of the MID students. They analyzed my portfolio, and I received excellent feedback about my work. And the opportunity at AG2 advertising agency ended up working out well.

One challenge for me was the program they use because I didn't have much experience with it. And once, I was put on a project that I knew nothing about because they were already in the middle, and I was responsible for replicating the desktop design. The time was short, but I dedicated myself and was able to deliver smoothly.

What advice do you give to people who want to pivot to UX?

First, set a goal for yourself. Family support also helps a lot. I am very grateful to my brother, who introduced me to the Aela course, and my wife, who supported me during this intense study period.

So the key is to have a goal, focus, and not let fear get in the way of your dreams.

I am very grateful to you guys, from Aela, for giving me back the dream that was no longer alive in me. Today, particularly, I am very happy with what I do, and every day is a new opportunity to learn and seek knowledge.

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What are your goals for the future?

I want to study English again, which is crucial, and I set a goal to spend a season abroad. I want to know what the work rhythm is like outside Brazil and do some networking as well. I haven't decided on the country yet, but my wife and I are considering Portugal.

I know I haven't finished the course yet, but I appreciate every feedback and all the assistance you guys provide. The great thing about MID Bootcamp is the efficient mentoring you and your team do, guiding us to make the right decisions.

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