The Importance of Networking in UX Design – Interview With Alyson Ambrosio
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The Importance of Networking in UX Design – Interview With Alyson Ambrosio

The Importance of Networking in UX Design - Interview With Alyson Ambrosio cover

Alyson Ambrosio, a Mastering Interface Design (MID) student, emphasized the importance of networking and community involvement in landing her first UX design role at the startup Alfred Delivery.

According to Alyson, the connections he built through attending UX/UI Design events played a crucial role in his success.

Additionally, he talks about how the Aela community was a valuable source for exchanging experiences and gaining motivation throughout his studies.

Alyson's experience highlights the benefits of networking and community involvement!

Alyson, please tell us about your background before entering into the UX/UI Design field

I tried a lot of things before I got into UX Design. I attended a technical school in computer science, Philosophy, and also Biomedical Informatics.

But I realized it wasn't what I wanted.

One day I read about a Graphic Design course in the city where I live and decided to take a chance and get to know the field.

It was during an internship I was doing in Graphic Design that I realized I actually wanted to work with Interface Design.

Academic project in UX Design made by Alyson Ambrósio

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And how was it to transition from Graphic Design to UX Design?

Actually, I always liked UI – at the beginning of my career, I wanted to work with games. During the 3D classes in college, I realized that I could bring games and interfaces together and work with both.

I always attend events related to entrepreneurship and design in my city (Ribeirão Preto has a lot of interesting projects in these fields), and I try to take advantage of these opportunities as much as possible.

I also took some courses related to Design and began to study a lot – that's how I came to know Aela and the MID program. Through the workshop "Pivoting to UX/UI Design" that Aela was promoting.

At that time, I was studying and researching Interface Design and saw that, based on the quality of the curriculum and mentors, I found the MID program to be a serious and worthwhile option.

I applied to the program and was moving toward getting this position in UX Design.

I think what was – and is – most valuable to me is the Aela community. Being able to exchange experiences, motivation, and the positive energy that flows when someone gets a nice position, especially abroad, is really cool and encourages you to keep studying.

The MID community is fantastic, and the mentors are excellent. Networking definitely helps a lot in this process of change.

Academic project developed by Alyson Ambrósio

Alyson, how was the process to land this position in UX Design?

In these events that I attended related to Design and entrepreneurship, I had the opportunity to network with several people.

Through one of these connections, I received a recommendation for this position at the startup Alfred Delivery. The person responsible for it asked other people about me.

The interview was a very informal conversation because I already knew the CEO of the startup. We met at one of these events and had already talked a few times.

He tried to fill this position with other people, but they were often already well-established and referred others until he came to me.

He was very honest with me, and I was very honest with him. I explained that I was at the beginning of my UX Design career and didn't have a complete portfolio yet, but that I was developing the material.

He also told me about the problems and difficulties of finding someone for the job.

He was willing to teach and help me through this beginning, so he hired me.

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UX Design Project by Alyson Ambrósio

Tell us a bit about your routine as a UX Designer

Alfred Delivery aims to deliver everything a person needs – from groceries to more elaborate purchases, such as clothes.

I joined the team in early September and have since been involved in the complete redesign of our app's user interface, making several changes to improve the overall usability of our services.

Moreover, I've been immersing myself in all departments, including marketing and sales, and taking on the role of a delivery person for a few days. This hands-on approach has helped me understand all the processes involved, enabling me to develop projects that enhance our users' experiences.

I have spent a lot of time studying and analyzing different areas, closely observing processes, and identifying opportunities to solve our users' problems in the best way.

As a result, I'm evolving in my role, thinking more holistically about projects from start to finish and realizing the crucial role of initial research.

This approach has made a significant difference not just for me but also for the company.

Understanding the pains of the customer – academic project developed by Alyson Ambrósio

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What are your plans for the future?

Right now, I'd like to contribute as much as I can to this startup I'm in right now. In 5 years, I want to see this business and service evolve and succeed – maybe even on the international market.

I also want to have the opportunity to work abroad, especially in Iceland. I think it would be an amazing experience.

UX Design Project developed by Alyson Ambrósio, MID student

What is your advice for those who want to transition to UX Design?

Attending as many UX events as possible, networking with professionals, and exchanging information and experiences are key factors in advancing your career in this field.

Additionally, taking courses that provide both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, such as the MID, can be invaluable when building a portfolio for selection processes.

Overall, networking and continual learning are crucial for adding knowledge, building connections, and growing as a UX professional.

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